Colored Egg Cartons

12-Egg Lime
12-Egg Teal
30-Cell - Red
6-Egg Hot Pink
6-Egg Lime
6-Egg Orange
6-Egg Purple
6-Egg Yellow is crazy about colors. We love colored cartons and we know our customers do too. We've worked hard to bring you as many colored carton options as possible. We offer printed and blank colored cartons all of which are 100% recyclable. Below is our current selection of colored cartons. We offer orange, lime, hot pink, yellow, blue, teal, purple, and several other egg carton colors. We are always experimenting and creating new colors so that we can satisfy our customer's every color need!  

Colored Egg Cartons FAQ

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions pertaining to our colored egg cartons

What are colored egg cartons?

Colored pulp egg cartons and colored plastic egg trays are products used to protect and separate things. Our pulp egg cartons are made from recycled pulp that have been chemically processed and dyed. Our colored egg filler flats are made from recycled plastic that has been colored and then pressed into a tray form.

Why buy colored egg cartons from

Most of our colored pulp egg cartons are proprietary, meaning that the colors were designed and developed exclusively by us. For this reason, we have colored cartons that no one else has (unless they bought them from us). We’ve worked tirelessly to develop cartons that are both attractive and environmentally friendly.

What kinds of colored egg cartons can you make?

We use customer feedback to determine which colors to create. Producing every color would be cost prohibitive. Some of our colors have taken us over a year to get just right. Colors are challenging because they change during each step of the manufacturing process and are subject to fading overtime if not blended just right. This being said, we are currently working on creating colored vintage and duck cartons. If you have any requests for colored cartons or trays please email or call us. We take all feedback into consideration when developing products.

What are colored egg trays used for?

We sell many egg crates and trays to machine shops who use our colored trays to specify which parts are in each tray or what part of the manufacturing process the products are currently in. Some of our egg customers use trays on their farm with disabled employees to help them specify tasks. Finally, some folks just like the look and buy our filler flats solely for aesthetic purposes.