Jumbo Egg Cartons carries a wide range of egg trays and other egg-related products. Our Jumbo egg cartons are perfect for your extra large chicken eggs and more. All these cartons come in blank and printed versions and are available to purchase in bulk at wholesale prices. Shop our jumbo egg cartons for sale now, and if you need any assistance with this don't hesitate to ask!

Jumbo Egg Cartons FAQ

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions pertaining to our jumbo and super jumbo egg cartons.

What are jumbo egg cartons?

Jumbo egg cartons are extra large egg cartons designed for eggs that won’t fit in a standard sized container. EggCartons.Com carries a variety of different kinds of material. Read on to find out which will work best for your situation.

What kind of jumbo egg cartons should I buy?

Styrofoam jumbo cartons are perfect if you want to keep your eggs cold in hot, humid climates. This is the ideal material if you want to be able to temperature control your product.

On the other hand, plastic jumbo egg crates to showcase your eggs or baked goods inside, perfect for showing off your branding.

Finally, pulp jumbo egg cartons are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials, which makes them ideal for the environmentally conscious.

Is there a difference between duck egg and jumbo egg cartons?

Yes. Some people use jumbo or super jumbo egg cartons for their duck eggs, but we do not recommend this. Jumbo and super jumbo cartons were not designed for duck eggs. The cells of jumbo cartons are wider rather than taller like duck eggs usually are, which means some customers’ duck eggs do fit in jumbo egg cartons. To see whether your duck eggs will fit, head to the measurements section of the product description and compare our carton's measurements with your egg.