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Vintage Pulp Egg Carton | 12-Egg Yellow

General Information On Our Yellow Vintage Egg Cartons

  • Made from recycled pulp, 100% recyclable
  • 12-egg 3X4 cell bi-fold yellow carton
  • Also available in printed natural pulp

Print Features 

  • Top: None
  • In-Lid: None
  • Front: None
  • Back: None 

Dimensions - Please note all measurements measure to the nearest 1/4"

  • S-L chicken (43-57g) eggs
  • Carton dimensions (LxW): 7.75" x 6.00"
  • Cell dimensions (WxH): 1.75" x 2.50"
  • Available Label Space (LxW): 6.75" x 5.25"
  • Carton weight (ounces): 2.20
  • How we measure our Vintage egg cartons!

Other Uses for Yellow Vintage Egg Cartons (In Bulk)

  • Bath Bombs
  • Baked goods
  • Cupcakes
  • Candles
  • & more!

Tips & Tricks For Separating Vintage Egg Cartons

  • De-nesting - If you find you are having trouble de-nesting your yellow vintage egg cartons, try de-nesting them in counts of 5-10 before separating them individually.
  • The best way to de-nest these cartons is to gently shake them apart, rather than pulling them.
  • It is recommended to grab the bottom of the carton and the posts and shake them, rather than grabbing the sides or front flap.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews
      Jean Jackson
      So beautiful!

      Originally ordered from Amazon. The quality was awful, sent them back. Ordered these and I am so impressed. Excellent quality and they look beautiful. Really nice way to package my eggs from my humanely, pasture raised chickens!

      Hey Jean,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely review!

      We are so happy to hear that you are impressed with the quality. We are glad to have provided a beautiful and functional solution for packaging your eggs from your chickens.

      Thank you for choosing our product and for your support.

      Kristen Xenos
      Great quality

      Great quality cartons and love the color. It’s a true representation of the website. Very happy with my purchase.

      Hi Kristen,

      We are so happy to hear this and are so glad you are enjoying them! :) Thanks so much for your business with us - we really do appreciate it!

      Michelle S
      Didn't receive them.

      Hi, I didn't receive my egg cartons. UPS claims my address is wrong. Not sure what else to write if they won't accept my actual address. They are somewhere in a city an hour away from me. I was so looking forward to them 💔 Merry Christmas

      Hi Michelle,

      Oh no!! I am so sorry this happened. We will contact UPS and see what is going on with your order. I apologize for the delay in your delivery!!!


      Great quality!!! We always get compliments!

      Thank you Jessica! We are happy to hear you are loving these cartons!! Thank you for your business with us!

      Michelle C

      They are sturdy and latch nicely and I think the color is terrific!

      Thank you so much for your business Michelle! So happy to hear you are loving our cartons!!