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Duck Egg Cartons was the first wholesaler in North America to finally respond to consumer demand and start making duck egg packaging. We spent years developing a duck egg carton that would most duck eggs perfectly. Many retailers market their jumbo or super jumbo cartons as duck egg cartons, but this is misleading. Duck eggs tend to be taller than chicken eggs not just wider. Jumbo or super jumbo are usually just wider (not taller), which why they don't fit most duck eggs. Our cartons are true duck egg cartons made and designed specifically for duck eggs not just wider chicken eggs. If you have any concern or question about whether they will fit your cartons look at our measurements (and other retailer's measurements). All of our cartons have the dimensions listed in the product's description. You can measure your egg and then compare it to our dimensions to see just how well your product will fit. All of our duck cartons are environmentally friendly. Our paper and pulp cartons are made from recycled material and both are 100% recyclable. The pulp cartons are biodegradable. The best part about these cartons is that their use goes beyond eggs to many other products such as arancini balls, sugar cookies, chocolate balls, protein balls, pretzel bites and more. We love and take pride in these cartons and our customers do too!

For more information about raising duck eggs or to see more pictures of our duck egg cartons head over to Fresh Egg's Daily


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Duck Egg Carton FAQ

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions pertaining to our duck egg cartons.

Why buy duck egg cartons from

We are the only distributor in North America with egg boxes that are specifically for duck eggs. Many distributors market their jumbo/super jumbo chicken egg cartons as being for ducks, but they aren’t meant for duck eggs.

What’s the difference between duck egg cartons and chicken egg cartons?

Duck eggs tend to be taller and wider than chicken eggs. As a result, our duck cartons have taller and wider cells than our chicken egg cartons.

What kind of duck egg cartons should I buy for my eggs?

All of our duck egg cartons were designed using Pekin duck eggs, but the cartons fit almost all varieties of duck eggs. We recommend comparing your egg’s dimensions with the dimensions of our duck egg cartons (found in each product’s description) to ensure the proper fit.