Vintage Egg Cartons

Raising chickens and collecting eggs is one of the earliest forms of homesteading. What better way to bring back some nostalgia of collecting eggs with grandma than to use vintage egg cartons. The moment we see a vintage egg carton it brings us back to a much simpler time in our history. Our vintage egg cartons are available in paper and plastic styles.

Vintage Egg Cartons FAQ

Our vintage egg cartons are some of our most popular cartons and it's easy to understand why due to their unique and nostalgic look. They're just so much fun.

What are vintage egg cartons?

The term vintage egg cartons is mainly used to describe the difference in shape from the vintage carton to your standard egg carton. While a standard egg carton has a 2x6 cell design, the vintage egg cartons have a 3x4 cell design making it more square in shape. We also offer a paper vintage carton with an old tyme print.

Are Vintage Egg Cartons Available for Purchase in Bulk?

Yes, our vintage egg cartons are available for bulk purchases. Our best price is always listed on the web under the largest quantity of vintage egg cartons available, however if you need a quantity larger than what's listed on the web, give us a call and we'd be happy to help.

Are There Custom Vintage Egg Cartons Available?

Yes, we can provide custom vintage egg cartons, however there is a minimum order quantity of 50,000 units. If you have any additional questions regarding custom vintage egg cartons, feel free to give us a call and we'd be happy to assist you.