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12-Egg Lime Printed


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Neil McComb
Way too pricey for the quality

Beautiful color. However, just trying to get the first carton unstuck from the stack was impossible without tearing it a bit. Very flimsy and not solid. At least it will compost well after the first use, because I doubt they can be re-used.

I can't believe how much I paid for such a cheaply made product. I won't be buying any more.

Hi Neil, thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it. We have heard similar complaints to this, so we will be ordering our colored cartons from a different manufacturer once our current stock gets a bit lower. Could you email us some photos of the tearing in the cartons? We are happy to offer you a refund for damages, as we ourselves would not be happy about receiving a weak/flimsy product for the cost of these cartons, as you mentioned! Our email is, if you don't mind sending the photos to us!

Nice color change, quality disappointing

This carton rips very easily along the seem between the top and bottom half of the carton. The pulp is much thinner than that of the pink cartons I usually buy. The color is a nice change but I have to be very careful handling the lime green cartons.

Hi Tricia. Thank you for your feedback! We have received several complaints similar to yours recently, so we will be switching back to the previous vendor for our colored cartons. At the beginning of the pandemic, they halted all colored carton production, so we had to find a replacement in the meantime. The vendor has resumed colored carton production, so we will be ordering more cartons, similar to the pink cartons you previously purchased, soon! We appreciate the feedback!

Printed Lime Egg Carton, Pulp 12-Egg Blank

General Information

  • Made from recycled pulp, 100% recyclable
  • 12-egg bi-fold carton
  • Also available in blank pulp

Print Features

  • Top: Stock Printed "Farm Fresh Eggs" Art, One Dozen Eggs Text
  • Inside: None
  • Front: Perishable Information, Farm Fresh Eggs Text
  • Back: Nutrition Facts, Manufacturer's Information, & FDA Safe Handling Instructions


  • S-XL chicken (43-63g) eggs
  • Carton dimensions (LxW): 11.75" x 4"
  • Cell dimensions (WxH): 1.75" x 2.625"
  • Carton weight (ounces): 1.92
  • Available Label Space (LxW): 6" x.75"
  • How we measure our egg cartons!

Other Uses

  • Bath Bombs
  • Baked goods
  • Cupcakes
  • Candles
  • & more!

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