Egg Shipping Boxes offers a wide variety of egg shipping cases and boxes manufactured in the US for easy collection, sorting, transporting, and shipping your farm fresh eggs. We offer the only egg shipping box on the market specifically designed to fit 15 dozen count egg cartons. offers these egg packaging solutions in bulk quantities at wholesale pricing.

Egg Shipping Boxes FAQ

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions pertaining to our egg shipping boxes and supplies

What are egg shipping boxes?

Egg Shipping Boxes are for storing and transporting farm fresh eggs. We carry a 30-dozen box that is designed to hold 30 dozen eggs in trays. We carry 2 15-dozen boxes, one that is designed to hold 15 dozen eggs in trays and another box designed to hold 15-dozen eggs packaged in egg cartons (i.e. designed to hold 15 dozen 12-egg cartons).

What are the benefits of’s egg shipping boxes?

Most distributors charge shipping fees for their corrugated boxes. We don’t charge shipping and ship our egg boxes the same business day. We are also the only supplier with a 15-dozen box specifically designed for egg cartons. All the other shipping boxes on the market are designed for egg trays only. If you try to put cartons into an egg tray box you are going to be disappointed because your cartons are not going to fit right in those boxes.