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30-Cell Washable Yellow


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Yellow Egg Tray, Washable Kuhl Plastic 30 Cell

General Information

  • Made from  recycled Polypropylene Plastic
  • 30 Egg, 5x6 cell washable tray
  • Color: Yellow* Shade of yellow may vary slightly from photo

Dimensions - Please note all measurements are measured to the nearest 1/4"

  • S-L Chicken (43-57g) eggs
  • Tray dimensions (LxW): 11.50" x 11.50"
  • Cell dimensions (WxH): 1.50" x 2.00"
  • Tray weight (ounces): 5.80
  • How we measure our Egg Cartons!

Other Uses:

  • Collectors Tray
  • Small Parts Storage
  • Machined Parts Shipping
  • & More!

Customer Reviews

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Kai Brothers
Good for washing

Currently we use the trays for collection (for chicken and duck eggs -- we like that these hold larger eggs). My initial reason for purchasing them was to use them inside of a square container into which I would build an immersion washer. Unfortunately, the containers that I found to use for the purpose were just a little bit too small to hold the trays, so we're still washing by hand, and the trays are just a means of collection from the coop. I'm still looking for a 15" x 15" square plastic bucket or tank i can lower the full trays into for automated washing. Thes will work in the meantime