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12-Egg Vintage Pulp


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Vintage Pulp Egg Carton | 12-Egg Blank

General Information

  • Made from recycled pulp, 100% recyclable
  • 12-egg 3X4 cell bi-fold carton
  • Also available in printed pulp

Print Features

  • Top: None
  • Front: None
  • Back: None


  • S-XL chicken (43-63g) eggs
  • Carton dimensions (LxW): 8.25" x 6.25"
  • Cell dimensions (WxH): 1.6" x 2.6"
  • Carton weight (ounces): 2.5
  • Available Label Space (LxW): 6.75" x 4.75"
  • How we measure our Vintage egg cartons!

Other Uses

  • Bath Bombs
  • Baked goods
  • Cupcakes
  • Candles
  • & more!

      Tips & Tricks

      • De-nesting - If you find you are having trouble de-nesting your egg cartons, try sort de-nesting them in counts of 5-10 before separating individually.
      • The best way to de-nest these cartons is to gently shake them apart, rather than pulling them.
      • It is recommended to grab the bottom of the egg cup and the post and shaking them, rather than grabbing the sides or front flap.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 168 reviews
        Penny Rivera

        These cartons were perfect for my new design. My customers love them

        Yay! Hearing that you and your customers love our product makes us so happy!! Thank you so much for your order Penny!


        Perfect egg cartons for L/XL chicken eggs. Super fast shipping! Will buy again!

        Thank you for your order and review Hayley! We try our best to get all orders shipped same day!

        Love these!!!

        Best price. Best shipping. Best quality.

        I’ve been trying to find egg cartons that weren’t outrageously priced and great quality - and I think I’ve finally found them! I love the vintage packaging - it fits in perfectly with the vibe I’m going for!

        We love the vintage style too!! We try our best to have fair pricing on all of our products, so we're so glad you are happy with your purchase! Thank you for your review!

        The Coursey’s • Homestead on WindyHill
        Vintage Egg Cartons

        Love Love Love the style! We got lost of compliments 🥚 Will continue to purchase due to the high quality and fast shipping!

        We love this style too, and we are so happy you're receiving compliments from your customers! Thank you so much for your order!!

        Jessica Podgurski

        12-Egg Vintage Pulp

        Thank you for your purchase and review Jessica!!!


        Ask a Question
        • I've read both good and bad reviews for the current 'economy' cartons. Is it possible to get a sample carton before I place a large order?

          We'd be happy to provide you with a sample. However, we do charge a flat fee of $7.95 to assist with shipping. If you'd like to place an order for a few samples, feel free to call us at 1-888-852-5340 or e-mail us at

        • I saw the reviews where the last batch was lesser quality or defective. I am looking to order soon but wanted to know if the issue has since been resolved. I did see that you were working to get it fixed. Were you able to get back to the better quality?

          Hi Alison, thank you for your question! Unfortunately, we do not have our regular quality carton back  in stock yet. I am sorry we do not have better news for you, but this is something very high on our priority list to get back in stock for our customers. So for now, we only have the "Economy" style Vintage Pulp carton.

        • Any update on the ETA for the new stock on this item?

          Hi Kimberly, unfortunately we do not have an ETA on the thicker version of this carton. We are doing our best to get them here as soon as possible though. Sorry we do not have a more definitive answer!

        • Have the cartons changed for the vintage since all these bad reviews of them breaking at the hinge? I’m needing a pallet and not wanting this happening

          Unfortunately, our current stock is of lesser quality. It is made of a thinner pulp mixture. We are working hard to get a new stock of better quality, however we do not have an ETA at this time. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

        • Which blank cartons would you recommend for 6 and 12 duck eggs? Thanks

          Hi Natasha, thank you for your question! We do offer a 6-Egg Duck Pulp carton, that can be viewed at the following link. 

          Unfortunately, at this time we are completely out of our 12-Egg Duck Pulp carton. If plastic would work for you, we do offer both a 12-Egg Duck plastic and two versions of a 6-Egg Duck plastic carton, both of which can be viewed at the following link, along with the rest of our duck cartons.

        • Do these cartons accommodate large eggs or extra large eggs?

          Yes, these cartons are rated for small to extra large eggs. However there is quite a variety in what we've seen being considered "extra large". In cases like this it is best to measure your eggs width and height to ensure the best fit. This specific carton has a cell dimension of 1.6" x 2.6", If you already know the dimensions of your eggs, please let us know and we can help determine the best carton for you! I hope this helps!