Custom Packaging

Looking to personalize your egg cartons or to develop custom packaging for something else like small parts, cupcakes, chocolates, or soap? You came to the right place. This is what we do best!

If you’re able to order and store at least 15-20,000 units, can help you! For over 20 years we have been developing proprietary packaging to cater to the needs of various markets like poultry, manufacturing, and baked goods. If you want to learn more about how we can assist you please fill out this form here. This form will ask you the questions shown below!

How to get a quote and our feedback on your custom packaging

1. What are you putting in your custom egg cartons or packaging (Eggs, Ice Cubes, Donut Holes, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Golf Balls)?

2. Are you able to purchase around 15-20,000 units? 

3. Would you like your packaging to be labeled or printed? 

4. What type of packaging are you interested in (stock mold or custom mold)?

5. Delivery zip code?

Custom Egg Cartons and Packaging FAQ

How long does it take to receive my personalized egg carton or packaing?

Personalized egg carton are ready within ready 8-15 weeks after you have approved and signed off on the final artwork design, though this can vary depending on the time of year.

Packaging that requires a custom mold is usually ready within 3-4 months

How do I pay for this order?

At the time of the order, a 50% deposit will be required via check, ACH, or Wire payment. The other 50% is required via check, ACH, or Wire payment when the order is completed before it is delivered to you. Our price will include shipping if the order is being sent within the continental US and any other fees pertaining to your order. There are no hidden fees. We do not accept credit cards for any custom orders. 

How many colors can be printed?

For stock egg cartons You can have up to 4 colors on the top,  2 colors on the front, and 1 color in the in-lid. 

For custom molds, it depends on your design

Can you help with the artwork?

We are packaging experts not so much art directors. Artwork design is not our thing. We will, however, make sure your artwork comes out properly though!

Can you make packaging for .....?

Yes. 99.9% of the time, the answer is yes. We do it all.

What happens if we aren't satisfied with our custom mold?

You wont be dissatisfied. We send prototypes to our customers before going to final production. We will tweak the prototype until it's exactly that way you want it. Then and only then will we move to production. The final product is an almost exact replica of the prototype. If you are satisfied with the prototype, you will be satisfied with the final product. The only complaint we have ever received on a custom mold project pertained to delays, all of which took place during the pandemic. 

Please note this is for custom molds only NOT for custom printing or labeling. We unfortunately cannot provide mock ups for those!

Please also note that we have received complaints on these cartons before. This has only ever taken place with custom printed cartons made by Pactiv (who we love). The print is sometimes slightly brighter or softer than customer's expect. This is because Pactiv makes hundreds of thousands of cartons a day and cannot possibly ensure that each carton is exactly the same. That being said, half of the printed egg cartons that you see at the grocery store are made by Pactiv. All of the packaging looks the same because the variations are subtle. We now warn customer's in advance about these slight variations. 

What happens to my mold? Do you let other people use it?

For some reason, we get asked this a lot. We have never and would never do that to a customer. Your mold is yours and for your use only. No one will be using it, but you! We promise.

Can you keep our business with you confidential?

Yes, although we must admit, it is tempting at times to share all the cool stuff we're working on. It's highly likely that you see products made by us at your local grocery store, cvs, convenient store, shopping mall, or bakery on a regular basis. Your packaging secrets are safe with us.