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3 Best Egg Collecting Baskets of 2022

There are many ways to collect fresh farm eggs from your chicken coop, but we prefer using a basket. Egg baskets serve utilitarian as well as aesthetic purposes.  Whether you need it to collect your eggs or to add a bit of flair to your feng shui, we’ve found the best options for you. We’ve scoured the internet and read thousands of reviews to honestly assess which egg collection baskets are best.   

We are not affiliated with any of the baskets listed, and we are not receiving compensation for any links you click. Our only goal is to be helpful. Are you ready? Let’s go! 


Little Giant Small Egg Basket For Carrying and Collecting Chicken Eggs - EB8


Little Giant Small Egg Collecting Basket


At the time of writing, this egg collecting basket has 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 1728 reviews on Amazon, none of which are 0, 1, or even two stars. That’s impressive! 


  • Material: heavy-duty coated wire
  • Brand: Little Giant
  • Dimensions: 8” x 8” x 5”
  • Egg Capacity: 2-3 Dozen chicken eggs (Capacity depends on the size of the egg)
  • Price: $9.88
  • Finish: Nice glossy finish, so it looks nice sitting on the counter and doesn’t rust over time like uncoated wire egg baskets.
  • Handle: We repeatedly read how convenient and well-made this handle is. Many people hang the egg basket on a hook outside their chicken coop for convenience.
  • Durable: This is one sturdy little basket. The joints are securely welded, allowing them to withstand the weight of any eggs you put in it. The wire is thick and strong, so it doesn’t bend easily.
  • Wire spacing: Just enough to let the wood shavings, straw pieces, and other debris fall through the wire, but not big enough to allow any eggs to fall out. 
      • Price: When you buy this egg collecting basket online, you pay almost twice as much as you would if you purchased it from a local farm store or tractor supply.  If you want a better price, we recommend buying this in-store. If you care more about convenience, buy it online!
      • Black Coating: Some users complained that the black coating left marks on their eggs
      BEST FOR: 
      • This basket seems like a great starter egg basket. If you have a small flock or small kids (kid-friendly sized) and are looking for something that will withstand repetitive use, this would probably be a great option for you.
      • Little Giant also has a larger basket that will hold up to eight dozen large eggs. It didn’t make it to one of our top three egg collecting basket favorites because we read a few complaints about its durability. Specifically, the basket floor was sometimes not welded securely enough to the wall, causing some of the bottoms to give out when placed under a heavy load. 



        Duncan’s Family Farm Large Blue Plastic Coated Egg Basket

         Duncan's Family large egg basket

        This is just like the old-fashioned vintage egg gathering baskets. It has a sturdy steel wire structure with welding at every joint. We love that this basket is handmade by Duncan’s Family Farm in Missouri. 

        • Material: Plastic and Heavy-duty coated wire
        • Brand: Duncan’s Family Farm Store
        • Dimensions: 8.5” x 14.5” x 10”
        • Egg Capacity: 15 Dozen Chicken Eggs
        • Price: $26.99
            • Finish: Nice glossy blue finish that stands out. 
            • Handle: Just like the Little Giant basket, customers seem to love the convenient, sturdy hang-friendly handle on this wire egg basket. 
            • Grip on the handle: Unlike most of the wire egg collection baskets on the market, this basket has a plastic grip on top of the handle. The grip prevents the heavy basket from digging into your palms as you’re collecting and carrying eggs. 
            • Durable: We think this is the most durable coated wire egg basket on the market. Most wire baskets are made of two parts - the body and the base. These two parts are then welded together. This basket seems to be one piece, making it virtually impossible for the bottom to fall out when placed under heavy loads. 
            • Wire spacing: Just enough to let the dirt and other undesirable stuff out while keeping the eggs in. 
            • Price: This egg basket is at a higher price point, but it’s extremely high quality, and we haven’t seen many baskets like this in stores, so we think it’s a steal!
            • Potential handle issues: We haven’t read any negative reviews about this, but because the grip on the handle is plastic, it’s possible that the plastic could break, especially after repetitive use.  
            BEST FOR:
            • This egg collecting basket is the most versatile, given its high capacity. You can use it to collect a couple dozen or 15 dozen eggs. We recommend this to anyone looking to collect farm fresh eggs. You won’t be disappointed!



            TriPeak Goods Egg Collection Basket 

            TriPeak Good Egg Collections Basket

            When we were researching egg baskets, this one immediately caught our attention. Hundreds of customers gushed about it and left glowing reviews, all of which we read for you! This handmade basket is something to write home about.

            • Material: Heavy-duty wire and wood
            • Brand: TriPeakGoods
            • Dimensions: S: 13.5” x 5.5” x 6”, M: 15.5” x 7” x 8”, L: 17.5” x 9.5” x10”
            • Egg Capacity: Varies
            • Price: $26.55 - $84.00
              • Appearance: You can’t see this egg basket and not stare! It’s a beauty. We love the shape and natural wood. We also love that customers can put their farm logo and name on this basket for a personalized touch.  
              • Durable: This basket is handmade from beautiful wood. The wire is locked into the wood to ensure the eggs you collect will not get damaged or fall through. This egg basket was made to last. There’s no breaking this sucker. We’ve read that TriPeak is happy to remake the basket for any customer that isn’t 100% pleased with their purchase. That is our kind of quality and satisfaction guarantee!
              • Mesh: The coating on the Little Giant and Duncan Family Farm baskets helps provide a bit of cushion for eggs, but the mesh wire on this basket is much cushier. This basket seems apt for holding the most delicate of items. The mesh also looks much better.
              • Price: This egg collecting basket is a bit of an investment. If you get this in the largest size and customize it, you’ll be paying over $84 (this price includes shipping within the continental US). Given the look and quality, we think it’s worth the investment.  
              BEST FOR: 
              • Of all the baskets we saw, this was our absolute favorite! With numerous size and customization options, this egg collection basket is an amazing find for eggs and so much more. We think this basket would be a great gift.  


              We believe that the baskets mentioned above are ideal for collecting, washing, and drying eggs, but we also know that these baskets, especially the wooden baskets, make for great decorations. With so many baskets to choose from, we hope we helped narrow down your options so that you leave here with a tisket, a tasket and a very nice egg basket. Which is your favorite? Are there any that we have missed? Let us and our readers know by leaving a comment below!

              Looking to expand your egg collecting repertoire beyond baskets? Check out our egg trays and shop everything from foam to plastic to paper egg cartons now! 




              • I love my little giant egg basket! I managed to get it locally, so I got a pretty good deal as you mentioned. Very informative and accurate description in my experience with my egg basket. Definitely makes egg collecting much easier.

                Helen T. on

              • One of these should be a great alternative to my current egg collecting method.. my sweatshirt pocket! Thinking I will go with the blue basket that Duncan’s sells. Even if the plastic ends up breaking after a while, should be easy enough to replace it with some sort of foam material and some tape, but that is a problem I can handle in the future. Look forward to being able to get all the eggs in one trip every morning, instead of filling my pocket and having to go back to the house and drop the eggs off a couple of times.

                Robert S. on

              • All of these baskets are so cute. I was thinking of some different ways to present my eggs for some of my regular customers who return their cartons when I cam across this blog. I am not home all hours of the day so I am thinking I can just collect the eggs and leave them in a cute basket so they can refill their own cartons! Glad there are several different options I can choose from.

                Kristina L. on

              • Great read! Definitely going to be going with on of your recommended baskets. Our hens give us about 2 dozen eggs a week, so luckily we won’t need a huge basket for our daily collecting and all of these seem like great options.

                Nate P. on

              • I can vouch for the Tripeak goods egg basket!! Amazing. We’ve also found some cheap ones at walmart.

                Joan Green on

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