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All of the plastic egg cartons available at EggCartons.com are made from 100% recycled PET plastic, making them 100% recyclable. These cartons are available with stock labels and un-labeled egg cartons, perfect for customizing with custom printed egg carton labels.

EggCartons.com offers the largest range of egg cartons available in different cell quantities, different egg sizes, including duck, goose and quail eggs, and unique shapes. Our egg cartons make for great product packaging for a number of different items including chocolate covered strawberries, mini cupcakes, macaroons, and BATH BOMBS!

Please Note: Egg cartons are NON-Returnable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Plastic Re-Usable Egg Carton Plastic Duck Starpack Egg Carton Plastic Jumbo Egg Carton | 6-Egg Un-Labeled
Ovotherm Plastic 6-Egg Labeled Starpack Egg Carton Plastic 12 Cell Vintage Carton Ovotherm Plastic 12-Egg Unlabeled Egg Carton
Plastic Egg Carton | 12-egg Labeled Ovotherm Plastic Quail Flat-Top Egg Carton | Un-Labeled Plastic 12-Egg Unlabeled Tri-Fold Egg Carton
Plastic Egg Carton 12-Egg Unlabeled Tri-Fold Vintage Egg Carton | Plastic Labeled Vintage Egg Carton | Plastic Un-Labeled
Quail Egg Carton | Plastic 15-Egg Tri-Fold Plastic 4-Egg Unlabeled Egg Carton Duck Egg Carton | Plastic 6-Egg Labeled
Duck Egg Carton | Plastic 6-Egg Un-Labeled Plastic Goose Egg Carton | Un-Labeled Plastic 6-Egg Jumbo Unlabeled Egg Carton
Plastic 6-Egg Unlabeled Egg Carton Ovotherm Plastic 6-Egg Labeled Egg Carton Semi-reusable Egg Carton | Opaque
Semi-reusable Egg Carton | Orange Interplast Plastic 6-Egg Unlabeled Tr-Fold Egg Carton Plastic Starpack Egg Carton | Unlabeled


EggCartons.com offers the best wholesale discount for bulk quantities.
The more you buy, the more you save! All of our egg cartons and egg trays ship for free, including pallet quantities, to the lower 48 United States. All orders received by 4 PM EST M-F ship the same day.