6-Egg Duck Plastic


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Duck Egg Carton | Plastic 6-Egg Un-Labeled

General Information 

  • Made from recycled BPA free RPET plastic, 100% recyclable 
  • 6-egg bi-fold carton
  • Also available in unprinted pulp

Label Features

  • Un-Labeled

Dimensions - Please note all measurements are measured to the nearest 1/4"

  • Duck & Turkey eggs
  • Carton dimensions (LxW): 7.25" x 5.00"
  • Cell dimensions (WxH): 2.25" x 3.00" 
  • Labels Area Dimensions (LxW): 4.75" x 3.00"
  • Carton weight (ounces): 1.00 
  • How we measure our Egg Cartons!

Other Uses

  • Bath Bombs
  • Baked goods
  • Cupcakes
  • Candles
  • & more!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Emily Croston
    Eggsactly what I needed

    I have looked everywhere for egg cartons big enough for my duck eggs, I have a few Pekin duck hens and the eggs have been enormous these cartons have been my only success in finding ones big enough to hold the eggs, they are very sturdy as well. Will absolutely be buying more

    Hey Emily,

    We are so happy to hear this!!!! Thank you so much for your feedback and we appreciate your business with us!

    Have a great rest of your day!!!

    Heather Amenda
    Works great!

    I've been trying to find egg cartons for my duck eggs without spending an arm and a leg. These work perfectly, I'll have to order more, since I just got the sample to try them out. Great product!

    Hi Heather!

    Thank you so much for your 5 star review! We appreciate it!

    Sarah Buschbom
    Perfect for duck eggs!

    It's very hard to find things grade towards ducks instead of chickens. Fire my pekin she perfectly . Now if someone can make a whole tray for storage :)

    Highly recommend.

    We would love to make a duck tray Sarah!

    We have a few questions for you about the potential duck trays - for your uses:
    how would you ideally like to transport these?
    In trays that are what dimensions? 12x12? and how many cells?
    Would those trays be going into crates or boxes?

    Thank you for your feedback and your business, we appreciate it!

    Duck egg cartons

    Fits Pekin duck eggs perfectly, a little big for other breeds like Muscovy, blue Swedish and khaki Campbell but works great for them too.

    That is such helpful information Sarina!!! Thank you so much for sharing and for your purchase! We sincerely appreciate it!!

    Leigh Mallette
    Finally an egg carton i can put my duck eggs in!

    Excellent! Fast shipping. My duck eggs fit!!! Thank you for providing this product!

    We are so so glad to hear that these cartons are working for your eggs Leigh!! We are always trying to understand more about duck breeds and sizing to better be able to point our customers in the right direction of cartons. If you could let us know what kind of ducks you have at we would greatly appreciate it!!!