Why you should use egg crates to store or ship your small parts

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Elevate Precision Part Logistics with Cutting-Edge Egg Tray Solutions!

Are the complexities of precision part storage bogging down your manufacturing process? Embrace the efficiency of our  Egg Trays for Precision Parts – we have various solutions to accommodate different sizes and weights, all designed to streamline your operations with precision and finesse.

Engineering Excellence:

1 Tailored Cushioning: Just as eggs demand gentle handling, precision parts deserve nothing less. Our Egg Trays are crafted with custom-molded compartments that cradle each component securely, safeguarding against vibrations, impacts, and potential damage.

2 Modular Configurability: Versatility is paramount in manufacturing. Our trays provide an unparalleled level of configurability, allowing you to mix and match cavities to perfectly accommodate a diverse array of precision parts with meticulous accuracy. And if our stock products don't work for you we can make you a custom tray! 

No parts are too large (12-Cell XXL Extra Thick Egg Flat)

Pulp Egg Crate

Or too small (81-Cell Quail Egg Tray)

Quail Egg Tray


3 Seamless Transport: Ensure parts remain intact during transit. Egg trays are designed to protect and separate fragile eggs. We've designed all our egg trays with sort of delicacy in mind. Ship or store your precision manufactured parts in our egg flats if you want to maintain the pristine condition of your components from workstation to workstation.

4 Lean Manufacturing Advantages: Implementing our Egg Trays aligns with lean manufacturing principles by facilitating rapid access to components. Say goodbye to unnecessary time wasted hunting for parts amidst disarray.

Our plastic trays are great for greasy parts.

We have super duty 5x6 plastic egg crates

Plastic Egg Trays

And washable 5x6 plastic egg crates in various colors

Plastic Washable Egg Trays


5 Eco-Responsible Craftsmanship: Manufacturing excellence goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship. Our pulp paper egg flats are manufactured using sustainable materials, delivering not only operational efficiency but also a commitment to reducing environmental impact.

6 Cross-Industry Adaptability: Whether in aerospace, electronics, automotive, or intricate machinery, our Egg Trays for Precision Parts deliver across industries. Their adaptability guarantees seamless integration into your manufacturing environment.

Amplify Your Manufacturing Prowess:

Bid farewell to subpar storage methods that compromise your precision parts and productivity. Elevate your manufacturing prowess with our egg crates for Precision Parts and revolutionize your approach to precision part storage and shipping

Kindly Note: Our Egg Trays are engineered for precision, not poultry. Rest assured, your precision parts will remain firmly grounded in excellence. 🏭🛠️🥚


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