50 Things You Can Use Egg Cartons For Other Than Eggs

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When I tell people I sell egg cartons for a living they usually assume that I’m an expert on farming or eggs. While I’ve learned quite a bit about both since starting at, I’ve learned even more about several other unrelated industries like cricket farming, baking, precision manufacturing, and sound proofing. This is because egg cartons are not just for eggs. 

Egg cartons are one of the most versatile products on the planet. They can be used for anything that requires protection or separation and much more. To give an idea of just how versatile egg cartons are, I’ve compiled a list of 50 things our customers use egg cartons for OTHER than eggs.  


1. Donuts 

Donuts in a pulp egg carton

PC: @SideHustleDoughNuts

Donuts in a paper egg carton

PC: @SideHustleDoughNuts @FoodWithLiane

2. Meatballs

World Renowned Chef Alton Brown, "shared a hack about baking homemade meatballs in an empty egg carton. The egg carton helps to soak up some of the fat and ensure that the meatballs are perfectly round!...Once they are baked in the carton they are moist on the inside and crispy on the outside." Want to try this for yourself? Check out Season and Thyme's recipe for Egg Carton Meatballs!

Meatballs in an egg carton

PC: @seasonandthyme 

Meatballs in a paper 12 egg carton

PC: @erikanudelman

Meatballs in a 30 cell pulp Tray
Meatballs in a Pulp Tray

PC: @cyndiwho

3. Sound Proofing 

30 cell Pulp Tray for sound proofing

PC: @j.da.moose

Pulp Tray for sound proofing

PC:  @sudhanshusinghmusic 

4. Hammer and Nail Practice

18-Egg Pulp Carton for learning Hammer & Nail Techniques

PC: @HeuristicBaby

5. Golf Balls

18-Egg Plastic Carton for holding golf balls
12-Egg Pulp Cartons for holding Golf Balls
Pulp Trays for holding golf balls

PC: @bordergolfballs

Pulp Trays for golf balls

PC: @provisional_ball

6. Fire Starter

Trays for golf ball storage

PC: @AmassRestaurant

7. Dog Toys and Treats

6-Cell Container for storing Dog Treats

PC: @DjCockapoo

12-Egg Pulp Carton Dog Toy

PC: @River.Rose.Berner

Pulp Tray for dog treat storage

PC: @randytheboxer

Kongs In Egg Cartons

8. Painting 

12-Egg Pulp Cartons for painting

PC: @The.Creativity.Project

Painting Egg Cartons for kids

PC: @TheArtfulParent

Painted Egg Cartons for Art

PC: @ArtBarBlog

Kid's Craft, making Egg Carton Art

PC: @ACraftyLiving

Painted Pulp Egg Cartons

PC: @instapozart

9. Mini Muffins

4-Cell Natural Carton for Mini Muffins

PC: @tulips_and_a_toolbox

Mini Muffins in Egg Cartons


Sprinkle Muffins in Egg Carton


Cookies and Muffins in Egg Carton

PC: The Cottage

10. Castles and Forts

Egg Carton Forts

PC: @BrightHorizons

Egg Carton Forts for Kids

PC: @NannyChaser

11. Candles

4-Cell Carton for Candles

PC: @yuibrooklyn

Mini Candles

PC: @marketofmagic

12. Artwork for Tattoos and Towels

Egg Carton Towel

PC: RedBirdsHouse

Egg Carton Tattoo

PC: @Me_Elder_Plops 

13. Ice cream

Egg Carton Ice Cream holder

PC: @amplehills and @shahneeeee

Yellow Egg Carton for Ice Cream

PC: Candyos_sweetshop 

14. Seedlings and planters

Plastic Carton to hold Plants

PC: @bugeater_gardens

Pulp Carton to hold Seedlings

PC: @makeyourgardengrow

First Home for Plants : Egg Cartons

PC: @quarteracre.foodforest  

15. Pretzel Bites 

Pretzel Bite Cartons

PC: @sobershotnj

16. Wreaths and Frames 

Egg Carton Holiday Wreath

PC: @MagPieEthel 

Egg Carton Easter Wreath

PC: @AsdCreationStation

Spring Egg Carton Wreath

PC: @imaginationTree 

17. Tacos

Taco Cartons

PC: @mcityeats 

18. Bath bombs and Soap

Bath Bomb Packaging

PC: @moriversoap

Bath Bomb Carton

PC: @moon.water.medicine

Cute Packaging for Body Care

PC: @wondermama_bodycare

Packaging for Bath Bombs

PC: @bulkleyvalleyhoney

19. Beginner Violin Practice

Beginner Violin Practice with Egg Cartons

PC: @violinist.children

20. Cake pops

Cartons for Cake Pops

PC: @SweetTreatsByCin

Pulp Cartons for Cake Pops

PC: @Yumsiescakepops

Easter Cake Pop Packaging

PC: @sweetstellatreats

Cake Pop Storage - Pink Egg Cartons

PC: @berryummytreats_

21. Matching Games

PC: @7daysOfPlay 

Sorting Game using Cartons for Kids

PC: @invite_to_learn 

Pom-Pom Game for Kids using Egg Cartons

PC: @Simply.Play.Today

22. Crayons

Crayons In An Egg Carton

PC: @art2theextreme 

23. Candy

Egg Carton Ring-Pop holder
Ring Pop Packaging using Teal Egg Cartons

PC: @Myfourwonders

Cute Candy Packaging using Egg Cartons

PC: @Sprinkle_Bash

24. Christmas Trees

Christmas trees made out of Recycled Cartons

PC: @Montessorisaati via @CardBoardFolk

Kid's Christmas Craft using Green Egg Cartons

PC: @SoynuriaPerez

Christmas Tree made out of Egg Cartons

PC: @techovo_srl

Outdoor Christmas Tree made out of Cartons

PC: @charliebarleestudio

25. Bike Rods

Pulp Trays to hold Bike Rods

PC: @SilverCatCycles 

Pulp Trays for Bike Parts

PC: @chirskingbuzz

26. Lighting

Cartons using for lighting

PC: @HandMadeCharlotte  

27. Macaroons

Pulp Trays for Macaroons

PC: @SweetSaura

Colorful Egg Cartons for Macaroon Packaging

PC: @Honey_Bee_Bakery

Plastic Starpack Carton used for Macaroons

PC: @pastreez

6-Egg Pink Carton for Macaroons

PC: @amyjerry @thehoneycomb.tx

28. Playdough

Play dough storage using Egg Cartons

PC: @KcLemonSqueezy

29. Sorting Rings, Beads, and Seashells

Pulp Trays for sorting Jewelry pieces

PC: @ShellBoundLondon

Bead Storage using Egg Cartons

PC: @HQcreations 

Hold Seashells using Cartons

PC: @WorkandPlayEcc

30. Chocolate Eggs

2-Egg Pulp Carton for Chocolate Eggs

PC: @patisserie_cremiel

4-Egg Carton for Chocolate Eggs

PC: @Enigma_Chocs and @photobeforeweeat

Cute Easter Candy Basket using Egg Cartons

PC: @hellokitco

Cadbury Egg storage using Egg Cartons

PC: @lovesweetlove53

Candy Eggs in Plastic Egg Carton

PC: @coco88au

31. Ipad Stand 

Simple iPad Stand using 12-Egg Pulp Cartons

PC: @ventures_with_mama

32. Hot Chocolate Bombs

Halloween Hot-Coco Bombs  Carton Packaging
Scooby-Doo Themed Hot-Coco Bombs Carton Packaging
Birthday Hot-Coco Bomb Pulp Carton
Christmas Hot-Coco Bomb Packaging
Hot-Coco Bomb Carton Packaging

PC: @phonomenal.creations

Valentine's Day Themed Plastic Carton

PC: @divine.dipps

33. Crickets and Cockroaches 

Roach Storage using 12-Egg Pulp Cartons

PC: @Chrisweeet 

Pulp Tray for Cricket Storage
Pulp Cartons for Crickets

PC: @allkosei

34. Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Easter Chocolate Covered Strawberry Packaging

PC: @rubassweettreats

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Carton Packaging

PC: @flouryflorabakery

35. Pop Up displays 

Easter Pop-Up Display

PC: @PopUpsLondon photo credit to @yaroslava_kirichok


Pop-up Display using Egg Cartons

PC: @albe_ki 

Pop Up Displays

PC: @jameswashfold

36. Manufacturing (Parts For Medical Devices, Airplanes, Space Shuttles, and Cars)

Pulp Trays for Machine parts

PC: @studiodunn

Manufacturing Parts Storage

PC: @billet_technology

Packaging for Manufacturing

PC: @yatesprecision

Pieces for Lighting Storage



Yellow Pink and Blue Egg Trays

Black Egg Tray

PC: C_BathGate

37. Arancini Balls

Arancini Balls Packaging

PC: @proper_lot_food

38. Tomatoes & Beans

Tomato Storage for Gardening

PC: @Route39ChickenFarm

Veggie Storage for Gardening

PC: @Katzen_Garten_Kuchenleben

Egg Carton Storage for Beans

PC: @Gapey

39. Waffle Bites

Cute Waffle Bite Packaging using Egg Cartons

PC: @TheYogBar

4-Cell Pulp Carton for Waffle Bites

PC: @fancyeggs_waffle 

6-Egg Packaging for Waffle Bites

PC: @dhan_waffle_uk 

40. Ornaments and Clay Figures

Ornament Storage using Pulp Trays

PC: @ToBeJollyChristmas 

Ornament Storage using Egg Cartons

PC: @janne_cornish

Halloween Decoration Storage

PC: @miserylovesco510 

Pottery Storage using Pulp Trays

PC: @studio_kaapo

41. Chalk 

Cute Packaging for Chalk

PC: @CrawfordHomestead2014

Chalk Packaging using Egg Cartons

PC: @hellokitco

42. Brunch Takeout

Take-out Containers for Brunch

PC: @smilecoffee2016

Breakfast Take-Out Containers

PC: @CafeDeMemoir 

43. Yarn Balls and Crochet

Yarn Ball Storage

PC: @Kreaida

Yarn Craft Packaging

PC: @rkrcrochet

44. Cupcakes

Easter Cupcake Packaging

PC: @MsBunnieCakes

Cupcake Packaging using Foam Cartons

PC: @CharlotteBergerchs

12-Egg Flat Top Pulp Cartons for Cupcakes

PC: @sweettweetsbakeryep

6-Egg Cartons for Cupcake packaging
Cupcake Packaging

PC: @birdbakery

Cupcake Catering Storage

PC: @jackandfins

Easter-Themed Cupcake Packaging

PC: @petalscupcakery

 Cupcakes In an Egg Tray

PC: @JaysCakesCookies

45. Walnuts

Walnut Packaging

PC: @ijzerman 

46. Drawer Organizer

Simple Drawer Organization

PC: @KrufeOrganizer

47. Cookies 

Easter Cookie Packaging

PC: @CookiesByDebbie

  Easter Cookies In An Egg Tray

PC: @sugarela

Chicken Cookies In An Orange Egg Carton

PC: @SunsetSweetsByJess

48. Crafts & Rice Pits

Kid's Egg Carton Crafts

PC: @WorkandPlayEcc

Wall Art using Egg Cartons

PC: @studiopersona.bkk

Easter-Themed Canvas using Egg Cartons

PC: @TeachMakeCreate

Home-Made Wall Art

PC: @SpaceForSmallHumans

Egg Carton Wall Art for Kids


Art Supply Storage using Egg Cartons

PC: @AnideaOnTuesday

Butterfly Craft using Egg cartons

PC: @AMagicalMinute


To-go Snack Container

PC: @Myfourwonders

Pulp Tray Charcuterie Board

PC: @Samantha_X_Johnson

Easter Snack Platter

PC: @GirlGangAndCo

Egg Carton Container for Snacks

PC: @EatHappyFeelGood

50. Protein Balls

Protein Balls In Egg Flats

PC: @abigailhinchcliffe


They're Not Just For Eggs  

We know there are many people out there using egg cartons and egg flats for things entirely unrelated to eggs. We want to hear from you. What do you use your egg cartons or trays for? Let us know in the comments section below!


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