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30-Cell - Pointed Bottom


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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Huckaby
Desperately needed

I ordered 135-30 cell egg flats! Easy transaction, packaged well and delivered on schedule. Will order again. Thank you!

Scott Smith

Working out great !!

Domingo Franicamore
Been using for years

We have been using the 30 cell and 36 cell trays for many years now . They work great

Brian Kramer
would love a plastic version

We're a machine shop. We use trays in house and for shipping to customers.Would love a plastic version of this tray.

Barbara E Baril
Same day shipping!

Loved the Customer Service and the fact that the product shipped the same day!
Thanks for asking!!

Paper Egg Tray | 30 Cell

General Information

  • Made from recycled pulp, 100% recyclable
  • 30-egg, 5X6 cell paper egg crate filler flat


  • S-L chicken (43-50g) eggs
  • Tray dimensions (LxW): 11.625" x 11.625"
  • Cell dimensions (WxH): 1.625" x 2"
  • Tray weight (ounces): 2.1
  • How we measure our Egg Cartons!

Other Uses

  • Small Parts Storage
  • Machined Parts Shipping
  • & more!


Ask a Question
  • Should I place the egg trays vertically or horizontally in my dubia roach container?

    It is recommended to place the egg trays vertically inside your cricket or dubia roach container. When stacked vertically it allows for ventilation and evaporation. Dubia roaches, crickets, and other feeding insects release a natural biological matter known as frass. A build up of frass on paper products such as egg trays can create an environment prone to mold and mildew, which could lead to a health risk to your colony. Stacking the egg trays vertically allows for the frass to fall to the bottom of the container.  

  • How many egg trays should I put in my dubia roach container?

    It is recommended to use as many egg trays as it takes to fill the entire floor space of the container, except for about 6" of space on one end for food and water.

  • How many egg trays should I use in my cricket container?

    There is no right or wrong answer regarding how many egg trays is the right amount in terms your cricket or dubia roach containers. However, the short answer is, the more egg trays, the better. Crickets and dubia roaches along with other feeding insects do not like being out in the open and tend to hide when they feel any danger. Feeding insects tend to be very territorial so it is important to ensure insects have a place to retreat into their own personal spaces, therefore the more insects you have, the more trays you should place in the container.

  • Why do feeder insects need egg trays?

    Feeder insects such as crickets and Dubia roaches are territorial and don't typically live among hundreds like they do in captivity. Male crickets and roaches have a tendency to fight eachother, so giving them a place to hide within the pockets of an egg tray gives the insects a private place to hide.
    Feeder insects are also known for nibbling and chewing, making egg trays are a great source of natural fiber that will not harm your colony.

  • Can this tray be used with feeder insects suck as crickets and dubia roaches?

    Cricket Crates, also known as egg trays are a great source of fiber for your feeder insects, this egg tray would work great for all of your feeder insects including crickets, dubia roaches, and beetles.