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Egg Tray | Paper Pulp 20 Cell

General Information

  • Made from recycled pulp, 100% recyclable
  • 20-egg, 4X5 cell paper egg crate filler flat


Other Uses

  • Collectors Tray
  • Small Parts Storage
  • Machined Parts Shipping
  • & more!

Customer Reviews

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Tex Randolph
Economical for storage and shipping

They are excellent and economical for storage and shipping small machined parts. Usually 12x12 30 ct, 20 ct 12x12 �ETPSJ-20-1 and 50 ct ETPQ-1. Really wanted a 40 ct. but a 50 will work just fine. Thank you!


Ask a Question
  • Should I place the egg trays vertically or horizontally in my dubia roach container?

    It is recommended to place the egg trays vertically inside your cricket or dubia roach container. When stacked vertically it allows for ventilation and evaporation. Dubia roaches, crickets, and other feeding insects release a natural biological matter known as frass. A build up of frass on paper products such as egg trays can create an environment prone to mold and mildew, which could lead to a health risk to your colony. Stacking the egg trays vertically allows for the frass to fall to the bottom of the container.  

  • How many egg trays should I use in my insect containers?

    There is no right or wrong answer regarding how many egg trays is the right amount in terms your cricket or dubia roach containers. However, the short answer is, the more egg trays, the better. Crickets and dubia roaches along with other feeding insects do not like being out in the open and tend to hide when they feel any danger. Feeding insects tend to be very territorial so it is important to ensure insects have a place to retreat into their own personal spaces, therefore the more insects you have, the more trays you should place in the container. 

  • Can this tray be used with feeder insects suck as crickets and dubia roaches?

    Cricket Crates, also known as egg trays are a great source of fiber for your feeder insects, this egg tray would work great for all of your feeder insects including crickets, dubia roaches, and beetles.