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The Incredible Egg Washer


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The Incredible Egg Washer!

This egg washer safely uses water and bubbled air to gently clean soiled eggs. Finally, an affordable alternative to expensive egg washers and an end to hand scrubbing when preparing eggs for market or use. This unit is small enough to use in any kitchen, yet large enough for the small farmer's egg production. Very easy to use. Full instructions are included.

General Information

  • Cleans 6-8 Dozen Eggs at a Time (1 Pound of egg wash cleans 100 dozen eggs)
  • All package options Include:
    • 10" Egg Basket
    • Egg Brush
    • Egg Scrubber
    • 1 lb. Trial Size Egg Wash
    • Combination air chuck/anti backwash hose
    • 7 1/2-inch, & 8 1/2-inch Weight Disc
  • Both the air compressor and air pump are quiet machines. They are also portable and use very little household electrical current to operate

    Customer Reviews

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    Premier1 Wendy Lynn

    The Incredible Egg Washer

    Gary Price

    It will be great I miss ordered my set I had to order my air pump but I'm believing that it will be outstanding

    Quimi Iszikala


    Hi Quimi, thank you for your review! We appreciated the feedback. We are sorry to hear that your Egg Wash Bucket is leaking! This is definitely something that should not be happening, especially with a brand new item. Could you email us over some photos showering where the bucket is leaking from? We definitely want to make this right with you, and look forward to hearing back from you! Our email address is

    Mr. Jason Considine


    Jeramie Crist



    Ask a Question
    • what type or name brand of an air compressor do you recommend we use with the Incredible Egg Washer?

      You can use any mini air compressor with the Incredible Egg Washer, however we do not recommend using one with an air displacement of more than 2.0 CFM or a max pressure of more than 40 PSI. Unfortunately we no longer offer an air compressor, however we do have an air pump available. You can find our air pump at the following link;

    • HI, we ordered this on 7/23(107589 order number)and used it today for the first time. It leaked water everywhere where the air bar is mounted from side to side in the bucket from not being sealed well. For over $100 it's really poor quality.

      Oh no. It's definitely not supposed to work like that. It looks like you got a defective one. I agree that if you're going to spend over $100 for an egg washer it should NOT leak and be of a respectable quality. We stand by our products 100%. Can you send us a picture of what's happening? We're happy to get a replacement out to you if there's a defect. I'm really sorry for this inconvenience.