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Personalized Egg Carton Stamps

These made to order egg carton stamps are perfect for personalizing your egg cartons without the expense of purchasing a large quantity of custom printed egg cartons. We offer two different sized stamps: 3"x5" and 3/4" x 6". We can turn your logo into an egg carton stamp. We also can add your farm name and number. All of our rubber stamps are made in house and ship within 1-2 business days of your artwork being finalized. Our personalized egg carton stamps are perfect for all of our egg cartons including our Printed, Blank, Duck, and Quail Egg Cartons.

We can label or stamp your cartons for you if your order 50,000 egg carton or more. Check out our custom egg cartons page to learn more. 

Personalized Egg Carton Stamps FAQ

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our personalized egg carton stamps.

What size custom stamp do I need?

Type of Egg Carton Egg Carton Stamp Recommendation

6-egg flat top egg cartons

3" x 5" custom egg carton stamp 

12-egg flat top egg cartons

3" x 5" custom egg carton stamp 

Vintage egg cartons

3" x 5" custom egg carton stamp 

Incredible egg cartons

3" x 5" custom egg carton stamp 

12-egg view hole cartons 3/4" x 6" personalized egg carton stamp 


How Do I Place an Order for Custom Egg Carton Stamps

Please select the stamp size appropriate for the egg carton you wish to stamp. You can find a handy recommendation chart above. Once you have determined the size you need, you will need to determine whether you wish to have the stamp created with your farm logo or with text and a stock design. Choose the desired product you wish to purchase from the products listed above. Once on the product page you will be instructed to fill in 3 boxes pertaining to the stock design, font, and text you wish to have on your stamp, or upload your logo. After you have filled in the required fields you can add the stamp to your cart. Don't worry, if we have any questions or concerns regarding your text or design we will contact you.

Are Custom Egg Carton Stamps Available in Bulk?

If you wish to purchase egg carton stamps in bulk please e-mail us at with the stamp you are inquiring about, the amount of stamps you are interested in, and where the stamps will be delivered. We will look into your request and reply to you within 2 business days. 

What Sizes Are There Available for Custom Egg Carton Stamps?

The egg carton stamps are available in a 3/4" x 6" size as well as a 3" x 5" size. The 3/4" x 6" size can be used on all of our paper egg cartons. The 3" x 5" stamp can only be used on flat top designed egg cartons.

Does an Egg Carton Logo Need to Be a Certain Size to Fit on a Carton?

If you are using your logo on an egg carton with viewing holes, your logo should be no larger than 3/4" x 6", however if you are using your logo on a flat top style egg carton, your logo should be no larger than 3" x 5".