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Egg Carton Quantity Half Dozen Labels CLOSEOUT! "Half Dozen Eggs" Labels

Half Dozen Egg Carton Label - 80 Per Sheet

Egg Carton Quantity Dozen Labels CLOSEOUT! "One Dozen Eggs" Labels

LB-QTY-12  80 Per Sheet

Free Range Egg Carton Labels "Free Range" Labels

LB-RANGE  80 Per Sheet

Duck Eggs Label for Egg Cartons Duck Eggs Labels

LB-DUCK 80 Per Sheet

Buy Fresh Buy Local Egg Carton Labels "Buy Fresh Buy Local" Labels

These labels will let your customers know that the eggs they are buying are supporting local businesses! Fits On Side or Top or side of egg carton.

These quality labels come 80 Per Sheet, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Sticks to Paper, Foam, & Clear Plastic Cartons.

Measures: 1¾" x ½",

Cage Free Labels for Egg Cartons "Cage Free" Label

LB-CAGE 80 Per Sheet

FDA Required Warning Label for Egg Cartons FDA Required Warning Labels

LB-FDA   80 Per Sheet

Large Fragle Labels for Shipping Eggs CLOSEOUT! "Fragile" Labels

LB-FRAG  10 Labels Per Sheet

Hand Gathered Eggs Labels for Egg Cartons "Hand Gathered Eggs" Label

LB-HGE  80 Per Sheet

Organic Labels for Egg Cartons CLOSEOUT! "Organic" Labels

LB-ORG  100 Per Sheet

Pasture Raised Labels "Pasture Raised" Labels

LB-PAST 80 Per Sheet

Laid in the USA Egg Carton Label "Laid in the USA" Label

LB-USA   100 Per Sheet

Non-GMO Labels for Egg Cartons "Non-GMO" Labels

LB-GMO 100 Per Sheet

USDA Organic Labels - .75" Round - Certified USDA Organic Seal CLOSEOUT! USDA Organic Labels

USDA Organic Label, .75" Round, 108 Per Sheet