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Oxine (AH), 1 Gallon
Oxine (AH), 1 Gallon
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Oxine AH is the ONLY disinfectant FULLY labeled for misting over live birds. Misting Oxine AH over your birds will kill airborne pathogens and put a halt to the spread of Disease. Applications are fully registered with EPA., FDA, USDA, Kosher Certification, and listed with Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI Listed). Oxine AH has been tested and proven effective against a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including E.coli, salmonella, parvovirus and more. Utilizes chlorine dioxide chemistry to eliminate odors and kill the bacteria that causes them. May be used everywhere in animal care facilities and confinements.

  • Disinfectant : Used to disinfect Poultry houses and equipment. It can be mixed with water and fogged on the birds as well as disinfecting the Poultry house.
  • Oxine AH eliminates most Bacteria and viruses including the dreaded Avian Influenza Virus.
  • Use Oxine AH as a disinfecting fog in hatchers, setters, ventilation systems, sorting and common areas and storage and transportation equipment.
  • In populated grow-out buildings use it as a special mist to control surface contaminants and eliminate airborne disease causing microbes.
  • For depopulated buildings it disinfects all interior surfaces when added to the wash water or applied as a final disinfectant fog.
  • Oxine (AH) is concentrated. It is diluted with water to varying degrees depending on how you would like to use it. Since it is a disinfectant and not a drug, it must make direct contact with the pathogen in order to kill it. In the diluted inactivated state, Oxine is perfectly safe to use around both your birds and yourself.
  • Oxine can also be ‘activated’ using citric acid crystals, which ‘releases’ more of the available chlorine in the solution. If you were to activate the product, it is recommended that you wear a NIOSH approved respirator and you would not be able to fog the solution into any area where the birds are present.