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CLOSEOUT! "Organic" Labels
Organic Labels for Egg Cartons


Product Code: LB-ORG

Printed Labels

1  Sheet of 100 labels - ($1.50)
10  Sheets of 100 labels - ($4.90)
25  Sheets of 100 labels - ($11.75)
50  Sheets of 100 labels - ($22.00)
100  Sheets of 100 labels - ($40.00)
250  Sheets of 100 labels - ($82.50)


Egg Carton Labels | Organic Labels

These quality organic Labels come 100 Per Sheet, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Sticks to Paper, Foam, & Clear Plastic Cartons.

  • Measures: 1½" x ½"
  • Please Note: Before a product can be labeled "organic", a Government-approved certifier inspects the farm where the food is grown to make sure the farmer is following all the rules necessary to meet USDA organic standards. Companies that handle or process organic food before it gets to your local supermarket or restaurant must be certified, too.

12-Cell Flat Top - (EGP1-FT) 12-Cell Vintage - (FHP-34V) 12-Cell Vintage FT - (EGPV2-FT) 6-Cell Split - (EGP6)
Flat-Top Egg Carton - Printed Vintage Printed Paper Egg Carton Vintage Printed Flat-Top Egg Carton Pulp Twin-6 Printed Egg Carton
*NEW! 6-Cell Split Semi-reusable - (CC-6PP) 12-Cell Hot Pink - (EGPG-HP) 6-Cell Split Vintage - (EGP6V) 12-Cell Incredible - (FHP-INC-PU)
Semi-reusable Egg Carton | Opaque Hot Pink Paper Egg Carton | Printed Pulp 6-Egg Printed Vintage Egg Carton Incredible Egg Carton | Printed
12-Cell Yellow - (EGPG-YW) The Incredible Egg Scale - (FHP-ES1) *NEW! 6-Cell Split Semi-reusable Orange - (CC-6ORPP) 12-Cell Jumbo - (EGPJSJ)
Our Price: $34.95
Yellow Paper Egg Carton | Printed The Incredible Egg Scale Semi-reusable Egg Carton | Orange Paper Jumbo Egg Carton | Printed
12-Cell Ungraded/Unclassified FT - (FHP-26NM) 18-Cell - (EGP18) 12-Cell Stock Open - (EGPH) 12-Cell Stock Closed - (EGPC-N)
Flat-Top Ungraded/Unclassified Egg Carton 18-Egg Paper Egg Carton - Printed Pulp 12-Egg Printed Gray Egg Carton Paper Natural Egg Carton | Printed
12-Cell Teal - (EGPG-TL)
Teal Paper Egg Carton | Printed