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Julian Date Stamper With Small Stamp Pad SPO1
Julian Date Stamper With Small Stamp Pad
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Julian Date Stamper With Small Stamp Pad

Julian date is the numeric date of the year that the eggs were cartoned. Eggs that were cartoned on January 1 would have a 001, eggs put into cartons on December 31 would have a 365, the 365th day of the year.

The complete rolling Julian Date Stamp Kit is sized to stamp egg carton ends but can be used to stamp other products as well. The date changes by rolling the band to the proper date just like a conventional date stamper. This stamper must be used with a stamp pad, which we furnish as part of this kit. No more hand writing dates on cartons. Cartons will have a professional look and build customer confidence in your egg products. Use this stamper on other goods in your store that are perishable. Inspectors will appreciate your compliance in dating your products.
  • Stamp Pad Included