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The Incredible Poultry Door Timer Option Kit
The Incredible Poultry Door - Automatic Poultry Door Timer Option
Our Price: $99.95

Product Code: FHP-IPD-TK

We are now offering a quality timer for your Incredible Poultry Door that will give you many years of reliable operation. If you want more control over when your door opens and closes then this is the option for you. Our timer has a synchronous motor, allowing it to keep very accurate time in all types of weather. Battery timers have a tendency loose accuracy over time, especially in extreme cold or extreme hot temperatures. This is not the case with our timer, you never need to worry about it getting fast or slow or opening your door at the incorrect time, no matter what kind of temperatures that it might encounter.

With the tripper switches, you can set when you want the door to be open and when you want the door to be closed. Simply slide all switches outward for when you want the door to be open, and the remaining switches inward when you want the door to be closed.*

This ensures the door opens and closes at the designated time you choose. No more worrying about whether a really bright moon has accidentally kept your door open at night. This is why the timer is a perfect option for those who want absolute control and don’t wish to rely on the rising and setting of the sun!

*double check which switches are AM and PM, you don’t want them accidentally reversed.

  • Timer Module
  • Black Control Cord Assembly
  • White Power Cord