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Flameproofing Liquid [4-Pack] - (FS1DS1)
Flameproofing liquid for egg trays/filler flats


Product Code: FSIDS-1

Flame Stop Flameproofing Liquid

4 - ($199.80)


Flameproofing liquid for egg trays/filler flats

Flame Stop I-DS™ is a pyrolitic formulation that prevents the spread of flames by developing a chemically self-extinguishing reaction. Flame Stop I-DS™ is a clear, penetrating chemical. Flame Stop I-DS™ has been used on various materials such as thatching, mulch, bamboo, foam rubber(open and closed cell), nylon netting and many other difficult to treat materials.,This product is a Class A rated fire retardant and can be used for exterior purposes. It can be applied by either dipping or spraying and can be top coated with any latex paint system. Flame Stop I-DS is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment!
This product dries clear, is highly concentrated and has significant wetting properties. 1 Gallon of Flame Stop I-DS will cover about 200 square feet. It is great for flameproofing egg trays and filler flats.