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All of the pulp paper egg trays & filler flats available at EggCartons.com are made from 100% recycled fibers, making them 100% recyclable and fully compostable. Plastic trays are made from strong durable polypropylene plastic, making them 100% recyclable. All of our egg trays are available in bulk at wholesale discounts! They work great for large egg production, transporting, shipping, and cleaning fresh eggs. They also make for great machine shop trays for use in the light manufacturing industry for sorting, storing, and shipping small machined CNC parts. EggCartons.com exclusively offers the only tray & filler flat on the market for larger machined parts.

Please Note: Egg cartons are NON-Returnable. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Manufacturing Egg Tray, Paper Pulp 12 XXL Cell Egg Tray/Filler Flat, Paper Pulp 20 Cell 20-Cell Specialty Manufacturing Tray
Egg Tray, Paper Pulp 30 Cell Plastic Egg Tray | 30 Cell Egg Tray, Kuhl Plastic 30 Cell - (STK-30)
Egg Tray, Washable Kuhl Plastic 30 Cell - (WAS-30) Egg Tray Filler Flat - Paper Pulp Egg Tray/Filler Flat, Paper Pulp 36 Cell
Egg Tray/Filler Flat, Plastic 36 Cell Egg Tray, Paper Pulp 50 Cell Chukar Egg Egg Tray/Filler Flat, Pulp 50 Quail Cell
Egg Tray, Plastic 72 Cell Quail Egg Flameproofing liquid for egg trays/filler flats Egg Tray Sleeves


EggCartons.com offers the best wholesale discount for bulk quantities.
The more you buy, the more you save! All of our egg cartons and egg trays ship for free, including pallet quantities, to the lower 48 United States. All orders received by 4 PM EST M-F ship the same day.