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Crushed Oyster Shell, Poultry Size
Crushed Oyster Shell, Poultry Size

Product Code: OYS


5 lbs. - $14.95 Reg $21.95 Save $7.00
10 lbs. - $15.95 Reg $29.95 Save $14.00
50 lbs. - $39.95 Reg $69.95 Save $30.00

For strong eggs, oyster shell is a must have: Laying hens need a source of calcium to keep their eggshells strong. Hens that get too little calcium will lay thin-shelled eggs that will be prone to breakage. We recommend that you give them this “free choice” by putting the oyster shells in a separate container, so that the hens can take as much, or as little, as they need.,