FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $25 (Continental U.S)

EGG CARTONS, EGG TRAYS, EGG FLATS, & MORE offers the best wholesale discount for bulk quantities. The more you buy, the more you save! Our empty egg cartons and egg trays come in pulp, paper, plastic, and foam. We also have cardboard egg boxes to make bulk packaging and shipping easy! All of our egg cartons, egg trays, and egg boxes ship for free, including bulk pallet quantities, to the lower 48 United States. All orders received by 4 PM EST M-F ship the same day.


Do you have sales on your egg cartons?

Many of our empty egg cartons are proprietary, meaning that they are designed and made solely by us. We have to expend a lot on R&D and tooling for each proprietary product we offer.  All of these egg cartons are much more expensive than standard uncolored egg cartons. We try to price our egg cartons as cheap as we possibly can. For this reason, we don’t regularly have sales. Once a year, on Black Friday, we usually have a sale. This sale would be the time you would find the cheapest egg cartons on our website. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing on your egg cartons?

Our pricing is tiered. The more egg boxes you buy, the more you save. We consider our highest quantity shown, the pallet quantity, to be our wholesale pricing since it’s the cheapest. The bulk pricing, seen at the pallet quantity is up to 80% off the price listed for smaller quantities. If you are ordering multiple pallets, we can look into even cheaper egg box or egg flats pricing for you. Please contact us for bulk pricing inquiries like these these. 

Do you offer bulk pricing on products other than egg cartons?

Yes. We have many resellers that buy our non-egg carton poultry products in bulk at reduced rates. This pricing is not shown on our website. If you would like bulk pricing on any of our our poultry products, excluding egg cartons and egg trays, please contact us. 

Do you sell custom egg cartons?

Yes. We have many customers that buy custom egg cartons. Many of the manufacturers in the US make around 1 million egg cartons a day. When they do custom products they have to pause operations to add custom plates. For this reason, they have minimum order requirements. If you can purchase 20,000 custom egg cartons are more, we can likely assist you.

Can you make me a custom egg carton or other pulp or plastic product?

Yes. This is our specialty. We have designed custom products for a wide variety of industries. Recent project we worked on: A plastic egg tray for large square ice cubes, a pulp egg box for bar soap, and a pulp egg carton for large candles. These projects all require custom molds. We charge for these molds.  

Do you offer free shipping on egg cartons?

All of our egg cartons ship free in the continental US. If you are in Canada, we feel for you. Egg cartons take up a lot of space and are therefore expensive to ship. Our shipping rates aren’t as discounted in Canada so our already high shipping costs are even higher for Canadian shipments. Our platform allows non-continental US customers to calculate their shipping rates at checkout. These rates sometimes over or under estimate the cost, unfortunately. If you want a custom shipping rate we would be happy to calculate that for you. We always try to find the lowest possible rate for shipping. and charge you the exact cost that we are quoted.

Do you allow returns on egg cartons or egg trays?

Egg Cartons and Egg flats are NON-Returnable. We apologize for the inconvenience.