King Sales Group, Inc., Poultry Equipment & Supplies, Manchaug, MA

A long time ago (February, 2000) in a land far, far away (Manchaug, Massachusetts), an owner of a small campground & petting zoo, spent two years in frustration looking for egg cartons on the internet so he could sell his small quantity of eggs in clean, new cartons. He was sure that he was doing something wrong, not being able to find them, so he kept on trying and trying. With his head in his hands and his fist punched through the computer monitor in frustration, the terrible jolt of electricity caused the light bulb to go off in his head! "Why not take the lemons and make lemonade?!" So began! Here we are, millions and millions of egg cartons later! Thanks for your interest in! We hope to make you a customer.

9 Main Street - Suite 1F

PO Box 302

Manchaug MA 01526-0302

Toll Free Sales Line 1-888-852-5340

International Tel. +1-508-476-0084 - FAX +1-508-476-7703

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