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Poultry Nipple Waterers Screw In
Poultry Chicken Nipple Waterers Screw In (Threaded)
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Product Code: FHP-NIPS

Nipple Waterer Screw In

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Poultry Chicken Nipple Waterers allow for you to create your own custom sanitary poultry waterer from buckets or any household item that can hold water! Nipple waterers had been typically used by professional chicken farmers for many years due to many outstanding reasons: No more poop in water, no spilling, no more wet bedding, no messes! You will never have to worry about a baby chick drowning again. Chickens can get gravity fed by fresh, clean water safely.

Using these screw-in poultry nipples with a bucket with a lid, the water will remain sanitary for days or between refills, no more cleaning waterers every couple of days. Use a large bucket when you are going away for the weekend and you wont have to worry about your flock going thirsty while your gone.

Each poultry nipple has a 360 degree stainless steel nipple head that will work from any angle. Removable lower parts for easy cleaning. These screw-in poultry nipples are easy to install in PVC pipe, a five gallon pail bucket or a plastic juice container. Just simply screw in to your drilled hole. No experience necessary.. Red color design attracts fowl to find them fast to use, whether they are a day old or 5 years old. Exactly works great for broilers, layers, breeders, pullets, chicks, ducks and other game birds. They all love using these waterer nipples.

Want to grow your flock? You don't have to spend more money on a larger waterer just add more nipples to your current setup. We recommend one nipple for every 2-3 birds..

Do not connect directly to a garden hose ( house water pressure is around 30 to 75 psi ). If you want to have it connected directly to a garden hose then a water pressure regulator is required.
  • 360º Water Access
  • Water is Always Clean & Cleaner Water Means Less Exposure to Diseases
  • Saves Money - You Can Turn Almost Any Container into a Chicken Waterer
  • Keeps Your Coop Clean and Dry
  • Baby Chicks Can't Drown